VR Room


Experience Virtual Reality Thrills!

VR Racing Simulator

The VR Racing Simulator provides the thrills and speed of high-octane racing that would be difficult to replicate in the real world (unless you’re a professional). Once you sit down and strap in, you’ll experience a highly accurate simulation of acceleration, tilt and car traction. Players can enjoy a hyper-realistic and exhilarating driving experience, including drift, crash impact, and even the car flying through the air! You’ll feel the weight of the car and the gravity of every movement in this fully-immersive VR experience.

VR Motorcycle

Take motorbiking to a whole new level and enjoy the thrill of racing through exciting environments. Our elite design allows users to simulate the freedom and pure adrenaline of riding a motorcycle. When the game begins, you will experience the simulated speeds and intense vibrations of the motor simulator.

VR Shotgun

The VR Shotgun simulator offers a fantastic shooting experience whether you are battling aliens, robots, or battleships and traveling through time and space. Experience the myriad of stunning landscapes and scenery, and feel like a real warrior!

This interactive VR shooting simulator will test your speed and accuracy to the max!

Dream Simulator

Whether you are soaring over new vistas or feeling the adrenaline rush at the drop of a rollercoaster, the Dream Simulator is ready to transport you to new depths of interactive experiences. With over 20 pre-programmed games spanning a wide range of ages and interests, this simulator has something to offer everyone.

From first-person shooting to winding water slides, our unique and original games provide users with the thrill of total immersion.

King Kong of Skull Island VR

Raw Thrills has taken the virtual reality experience to the next level with King Kong of Skull Island™ VR! This cinematic VR adventure weaves cutting-edge hand interactivity, exciting motion seat action, and dazzling visual effects into one show-stopping unattended cabinet. Explore the mysteries and dangers that lurk across Skull Island through three immersive episodes.